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Family Wellness Check-up - A Free Initial Consultation

PsychotherapyWorks offers a completely free/no-obligation initial 45-minute session to all prospective clients. 

At PsychotherapyWorks, Dr. Kothari places great value on understanding the total person. We have found that an initial 45-minute session provides enough time to understand the needs of the individual and to recommendation what may be in their best interest. Not only does the initial session permit the necessary time to diagnose and develop a plan, but can often also provide immediate help. 

The free Family Wellness Check-up and free initial consultation originate from our core belief that the aim of the practice of psychology is to serve the greater good. In keeping with that spirit, in addition to the free initial consultation, Dr. Kothari has Open Office hours, the last Friday of the month, in which anyone can come for completely free psychological health & wellness checkup. 

In an era where many in need of psychological services never receive any help because of cost restrictions, or receive less than adequate quality of care because of cost, we are committed to providing access to quality psychological care through the free initial consultation and the open-door psychological health & wellness checkup days. This is our way of making psychology help available to all.

Download and complete this Self Evaluation form and bring it with you for our Open Office free psychological health & wellness checkup.

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