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For nearly 10 years Eric Kothari has been practicing in the counseling fields, as well as studying the science of counseling. His career began in pastoral counseling, where for three years he worked in pediatric oncology. At both The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC and the University of Chicago Children’s Hospital, Dr. Kothari worked closely with children diagnosed with life-threatening cancer, as well as their families, and the staff who attended to these children and families. It was in the context of working with sick and often dying children that he developed an acute sensitivity to the remarkable psychological world of children, as well as the intense psychological process that families undergo when a family manages life-threatening illness.

Dr. Kothari with his wife and two children

Following his work in pastoral counseling, Dr. Kothari went on to formal training to become a psychologist and has subsequently worked extensively with children, adolescents, and young adults & their families who have all manner of problems in living. He has worked successfully with clients who presented with severe problems in attachment and defiant behaviors, as well as with other children and young adults whose lack of a sense of direction and purpose kept them from succeeding. Not only his educational and clinical training, but also, importantly, Dr. Kothari’s own experience as a parent to a beautiful daughter and a wonderful adopted son, shape his approach to treatment and give him the necessary experience to speak meaningfully to parents about their family and their concerns for their children.

Dr. Kothari’s interests in spirituality, religion, philosophy, and ministry have been important vehicles for his development as a specialist in understanding the immense complexity in living. Having such training avails Dr. Kothari of important vehicles for understanding the difficulties of our modern world, in which children are challenged growing up as a My Space generations and parents are challenged with how to cope with the remarkable array of technologies available to their children while at the same time keeping them safe and secure in their development.

In the area of education, Dr. Kothari’s work is extensive and for years he has served as an educational consultant working with families to develop plans that aid their children in successfully navigating the educational process. As a university professor and as an advocate for children and adolescents through all levels of the educational ladder, and as a parent to children who have successfully navigated the educational process, Dr. Kothari brings an array of talented commitment to your child, your families educational process.

Dr. Kothari is a seasoned Executive Coach in which he has developed a model of intervention and implementations which he calls Power Executive Coaching. Having worked with a number of executives in the greater Washington DC area, Dr. Kothari’s model for Executive coaching is unique, challenging, and success oriented. He has worked closely with executives in the biotech, software-tech, and federal fields. Currently he is playing an active role in the American University’s Kogod School of Business’ honors colloquium that is exploring the role of strategic decision making success and failures in corporate culture.

In the fields of psychology, Dr. Kothari’s work has resulted in recognition from the academic community. He simultaneously holds appointments at the University of Maryland University College and The American University.  As an Adjunct faculty at University of Maryland University College, Dr. Kothari regularly teaches classes in child psychology, personality theory, and forensic psychology. In his appointment as a Psychologist in Residence in the Department of Psychology at The American University, Dr. Kothari is recognized as a specialist in the area of forensic psychology. At AU Dr. Kothari wrote the forensic psychology curriculum, teaches all courses in forensic psychology, and is a graduate advisor to a number of students in the Department of Psychology’s accredited clinical psychology program. A number of important research papers are included on this site and you are encouraged to read them.

Finally, Dr. Kothari has served on the Montgomery County, Maryland Commission for Juvenile Justice and has lectured extensively on issues ranging from diagnosis of attachment and delinquency problems to educational concerns of parents, as well as adoption. He has been featured on New Channel 8 as an expert psychological consultant. Dr. Kothari lives with his wife and children in the DC area. He travels extensively and has lectured abroad. He enjoys writing works of fiction, hiking, backpacking, gardening, playing guitar, playing with his children, athletics, and jogging.

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Dr. Kothari has been working with one of my families for the past five years. He has not only provided the family effective therapy, but has acted as a male role model and mentor to the children (ages 14, 9, and 7). As a social worker, I have appreciated his ongoing support, care, and insight. Dr. Kothari’s services have been invaluable.

--Jill Hurd, BSW,
Hope Housing